Athena Infonomics has a New Brand Image

Athena Infonomics has a New Brand Image

Five years. This is a significant milestone in our journey. We started out as a small team of 5 people with a simple dream: To create a home grown development research unit that will provide a platform for like-minded people to contribute to the development discourse.

Over the years we have expanded to work in new sectors. Our portfolio has grown to over 100 projects and our footprint has expanded to eight countries. Today we are 35 people strong, with offices in Delhi and Chennai.

While this journey has not been easy, the results from our initial experiments have provided us with renewed confidence to embrace this path more proactively and reflect our institutional identity unambiguously.

Athena Infonomics commits itself to solving some of the most pressing development challenges of our times through mainstreaming data science applications in development processes. We have come to understand that the ability to collect better quality data- at scale and the skill to creatively analyse it using computational techniques will be key to empowering policy makers and development agents to make better policy choices The central statement ‘Data Science for Development’ reflects this institutional mission and capability.

As soon as we opted for a makeover, we put in a lot of thought into our new image. And we believe the product of these long hours of deliberation: our new brand image; better represents who we are and the work we do. Connect with us to learn more.

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Athena Infonomics
Athena Infonomics is a policy research and development analytics firm with a focus on strengthening the use of data and social science research to solve development and inclusive growth issues around the world.