Careers at Athena Infonomic

Athena’s work cuts across the policy research value chain and is driven by three simple questions: How can we collect (reliable) data more efficiently? How can we analyze it more creatively? How can we make our interventions/solutions more user-friendly? We use our understanding of data science approaches, our ability to leverage technology and our exposure to sector-linked implementation challenges to evolve better ways of answering these questions and to expand the frontiers of how ‘decisions are made’ and ‘impact is achieved’. At Athena, we believe the most important qualification is the zest for knowledge and perfection. As an organization, we believe that being a collective knowledge force is the key to our growth and success. Driven by a young and ambitious workforce, we harbor plans for Athena with strong emphasis on human capital as our single, most important asset. Athena’s work is built upon a short yet strong reputation of credibility, trust and impeccable performance. Our work environment is transparent and open, making it conducive to feedback and healthy criticism. We support a multicultural ecosystem and we believe that diversity brings with it a myriad of possibilities.

Current Openings