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Our recruitment focus changes regularly, depending on the needs of our business and locations of operation. Positions may be project, sector and/or location specific, or more general research positions open to more than one location. As new positions become available, our careers page is updated – so make sure you check regularly.

The development sector often attracts individuals who want to see a change in the world. But what does development actually mean? At the heart of every development professional should be the will to create a world where development is no longer necessary. At Athena, we believe in the value of data science to bring about such a world. We encourage prospective candidates to look at our project portfolio to understand the role of data science in our work. All aspects of your application should demonstrate your passion for the work that we do, with concrete examples showcasing synergies between our work and your impeccable academic and career history. We believe this passion is best demonstrated through a commitment to global development issues, along with on-the-ground experience in a developing country.

Athena believes in looking at the potential an employee can offer. Some of Athena’s most senior consultants joined the firm as interns and have worked their way up – proving by doing and contributing towards the company’s growth and success. We therefore welcome applications from candidates who resonate with our data-driven mission to solve real world issues. We also offer a range of internship positions that offer a taste of life at Athena.

Athena recruits a range of candidates, from interns, right up to sectoral specialists with years of experience. Provided we are not at capacity, we are able to accommodate interns throughout the year.

Athena supports a multicultural ecosystem – not only in its makeup, but also in thinking. Candidates who think outside of the box and are able to bring fresh, innovative thinking to the table while remaining true to our mission will thrive at Athena. In addition to this, we look for candidates whose confidence drives their intellectual curiosity, while remaining purpose-driven and focused on our stakeholders. Your work may take you to a remote village in Sierra Leone or right to the heart of the Government of India – requiring high levels of integrity and self-management at all times.

Athena’s recruitment process has been designed in a way that encourages you to demonstrate the skills and values we’re looking for, rather than simply talking about them. Once we receive your application, we will review your qualifications and experience against the job description. Where we see a potential match, the interview process will comprise several rounds, including two rounds of interviews, along with a case study/task to complete.

A case study is your chance to shine and show us what you’re really made of. You’ll typically be given a week to complete the task, which will test how you respond to real development issues you’re likely to face as an employee at Athena. Before getting started, it’s best to read the task in full and summarize the key outcomes you’re being asked to deliver. You should then draw up a plan on how you plan to tackle the task, structuring your response chronologically and referencing where necessary.

The first interview round will delve into your application and why you feel you’re best suited to the role. It will detail your experience, both academic and professional, gauging how that experience will help you slot into Athena and the value it can add to our operations. The second interview round will probe your technical knowledge, grading it against the role you are applying for while testing for any gaps in knowledge. The outcome of both interviews, along with the case study, will inform the final outcome of the recruitment process.

Our website is the best way to find out what it’s like to work for us. In addition to our project portfolio that outlines the type of work we do, our team members also share their on-the-ground project experience via our blog. It’s also a good idea to read through the news and events sections too.

Athena encourages employees to get their hands dirty and venture into new and exciting fields of expertise. Whether you’re an intern or a lead consultant, Athena supports employees to gain knowledge on new sectors and methodologies from seasoned experts. Athena believes that we all have something to share, and conducts regular knowledge transfer and skill development sessions conducted by external and internal experts. It is this unique approach that enables employees to sit in the driving seat and take charge of their growth at Athena – as it is growth that we encourage, recognize and reward.

Athena values and encourages applications from all backgrounds. We are proud to be an equal opportunities/affirmative action employer with a commitment to diversity. Your application will be assessed on what you can bring to the table, without regard to race, color, disability, veteran status, religion, caste, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or any other immutable characteristic.

While mapping appropriately skilled team members is critical to a project’s success and client satisfaction, Athena strongly believes in exposing its employees to a wide range of sectors. Athena’s approach to project management is to always expose its employees to the knowledge its experts have to offer.

Travel is an essential part of research positions at Athena. The frequency of travel depends on a variety of factors, such as position, location and project. This includes international, inter/intra city or state, and may be within a rural or urban setting. Travel purposes are numerous and can include: conducting research, business development pitches to prospective clients, presentation of project findings, or for a client meeting. These trips can last anywhere from half a day to a month, though most projects at Athena don’t require frequent visits to a client’s office.

Athena encourages the professional development of its employees. Transfer to another office can help this process, such as the opportunity to learn from new specialists and exposure to new projects. Transfer opportunities may be project linked or more permanent. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, balancing both the needs of the business and the employee’s professional development.