Karthick Radhakrishnan
Senior Consultant - MEL
Chennai, India

Karthick's interests include development economics and M&E. His areas of research include ecosystem services, wastewater use in agriculture and health economics. Karthick previously worked as a Senior Data Analyst, Ecorys India Pvt. Limited where he is part of the Monitoring and Evaluation team for the World Bank funded project in Tamil Nadu. He has contributed to more than several research papers and a book chapter as co-author in reputed journals in Taylor & Francis, SAGE. Karthick specializes in data analysis using advanced Econometrics concepts (Cross-sectional, Panel data modeling) and spatial modeling using remote sensing imageries. Karthick is skilled in using software like STATA and R, and Arc-GIS and QGIS for spatial analysis using satellite imagery.

Karthick holds an M.Sc in Applied Economics from the Madras School of Economics, Chennai.