Kasirajan Mahalingam
Principal Consultant - Geospatial Services
Chennai, India

Kasirajan Mahalingam is an Urban Planner and Geospatial Information Sciences Specialist who has more than seven years of experience in the development of geospatial solutions, technology adoption strategy, and delivery of cross-sectoral projects.  He has worked extensively in research, market intelligence, and consultancy projects in both the private sector and the social development domain. His professional expertise includes strategy consulting, market and policy analysis, spatial analytics, city master planning, feasibility and impact analysis, to name a few. He has amassed multi-domain experience in the development sector, having worked on impact measurements of social investments, ease-of-living indices for urban centers, the development of decision-making tools for the sanitation value chain, and the spatial evaluation of vector incidence rate for urban health programs.

During his tenure as a GIS Specialist in the Netherlands for an architecture and urban design firm, Kasirajan co-authored scientific journals that advanced understanding in the spatial heterogeneity and resilience of informal settlements prone to floods. The research paper entitled Influence of Floods on Spatial Variability of 'Wetslums': Using Geo-information Techniques, Korail, Dhaka was published in IntechOpen under the "Habitat of the World Biodiversity and Threats" category. The paper's objective was to investigate the spatial variation resulting from the influence of water on the living conditions within slums, by proposing a framework for impact assessment. As a GIS Specialist, he also supported the firm in the development of master planning projects for floating cities ("City Expansion Master Plans"), for city development agencies in the Middle Eastern region.

As an Urban Planner, Kasirajan has worked in preparation of holistic development plans for island territories and the development of master plans for eco-sensitive regions. He had the opportunity to lead strategic geospatial analysis aimed at deciphering the rich biodiversity and environmental factors associated with these regions, to accommodate the socio-economic well-being of the inhabitants, alongside sustainable development. In his previous employment, Kasirajan worked as an Associate Director for AEC & Digital Cities - Geospatial Services.

He authored technology-specific research reports and undertook consultancy assignments for executive and business unit leaders, outsourcing managers, advisors, and others. In addition, he had the opportunity to work on user perception and advisory assignments for service providers to address challenges such as vertical-specific strategy, technology capability and augmentation, engagement in the areas of C&E transformation and go-to-market strategy. His work can be seen here and here.