Bringing Visibility to the Medical Technology Industry

Bringing Visibility to the Medical Technology Industry

The Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), a regional industry association providing a unifying voice for the medical technology industry across the Asia-Pacific region, strives to promote innovation and impact policy that advances healthcare access for patients. Its mission is to improve the standards of care for patients through meaningful collaborations among stakeholders to shape the future of healthcare in Asia Pacific.

APACMed has engaged Athena Infonomics as a knowledge partner to support its policy, advocacy and dissemination efforts to highlight the contribution and commitment of the member companies in India.

Backed by secondary analysis, feedback from association members, and beneficiary testimonials, Athena is currently working on developing advocacy material highlighting the impact of APACMed members’ work across the public health, economic development, skill and infrastructure, social, environmental, and research and development sectors. The assignment aims to establish a supportive ecosystem and alignment with the national programs of the Government.

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Banner image source: APACMed