We envision a world where healthy data use systems and cultures are built to advance equitable, resilient, and sustainable development for all.
Developing solutions for clients around the globe
Projects on Four Continents
Athena Infonomics combines quantitative rigor and qualitative context to assist our clients in delivering responsive and practical solutions around the globe.
Affordable Green Housing Finance India: Market Research and Development of Business Case
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Assessment of Mali's Digital Agriculture Ecosystem
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Developing Farmer-centric Models of Data Governance
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We partner with organizations to develop digital tools and platforms that can provide context-specific solutions for governments, utilities, public- and private-sector actors, and many more.
Athena Infonomics’ dedicated team of data scientists, social scientists, economists, and software engineers regularly share outputs and lessons learned from recent engagements.
Drawing from their work in the field, members of the Athena Infonomics team and select guest authors regularly publish insights as a means of sharing knowledge and driving systemic change in the development sector. Contact us if you would like to contribute.

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Athena Infonomics’ areas of specialization reflect the rapidly changing, data-driven needs of the development sector. Learn more about our services.