Child Friendliness City Index

Child Friendliness City Index

A Child Friendliness Index for India’s 111 Smart Cities

With a view to identifying areas of improvement for children’s well-being, Athena Infonomics developed a Child Friendliness Index of India’s 111 Smart Cities. Development of the index involved investigating the dimensions of protection, progress and participation of children within Smart Cities in terms of accessibility, availability and affordability of infrastructure and services. It focuses on:

  • showcasing pathways to incorporate child-oriented elements in the policy, planning and governance of urban centers;
  • evaluating the satisfaction, demand and need of children as consumers of city-wise infrastructure and services;
  • providing an evidence driven platform for accountability within cities; and
  • encouraging healthy competition across Smart Cities to inculcate child friendly features.

An evidence-based approach was implemented to identify specific and cross-cutting challenges to ensure child friendliness of India’s urban spaces. Additionally, views and perceptions of children on city level infrastructure, service delivery, and management were included.

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