Athena Presents Poster at the 2022 UNC Water & Health Conference
Jonathan McGrath

On October 24, 2022, Athena Infonomics' Principal Consultant Maya Gainer presented a poster on ways to support municipalities in improving the ownership, diversity, and accessibility of sanitation data during the UNC Water & Health Conference.

The poster focused on work behind "The Hub," an effort to create collective action around standardizing datasets in sanitation in hopes that organizations will start sharing data that can be helpful for others working on sanitation projects. With The Hub, Gather, an Athena Infonomics initiative, worked with four local sanitation organizations in Antananarivo, Madagascar to transform how they collect, share, and analyze sanitation data to improve services for 350,000 people. Gather used and created a set of principles for The Hub to ensure that the project remained equitable, inclusive, and useful.

The poster presentation highlighted learnings from Gather's work in Antananarivo, including interviews, a literature review, and an assessment of datasets from 50+ countries.

Click here to view the poster.