Our Data Toolkit for African Cities was featured on the BBC

Our Data Toolkit for African Cities was featured on the BBC

Athena Infonomics, along with Development Gateway developed a toolkit which is designed to help City Governments transparently assess the current maturity of their data ecosystems, and identify high priority interventions for augmentation. The key differentiators in this toolkit include its ability to be adapted to any indicator set (for instance, to the SDGs), a built in customization layer to adjust for variations in the level of decentralization/ devolution across countries, and its ease of use (being designed for city managers and line function heads).

We are pleased to announce that the data toolkit has been featured on the BBC’s Click program, a weekly podcast curating the latest technology news.

Listen to learn about our work and how it addresses potential challenges and more.

About our partners:
Development Gateway is an international non-profit organization that provides technical tools and advisory services to country governments and development organizations. It offers expertise in the areas of technology, research and learning, and data transparency and use serving governments, development partners, and other non-governmental organizations.

Cities Alliance is a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development. The Cities Alliance partnership features a broad range of members, including: local authorities, national governments, non-governmental organisations, multi-lateral organisations, and Associate Members. Their overall strategic objectives are to support cities in providing effective local government, an active citizenship and an economy characterized by both public and private investment.

Athena Infonomics
Athena Infonomics is a data-driven global consultancy. We combine social science research methods and ICT tools to drive innovation in policies, processes and programs in international development