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Evaluating Project Feasibility for the Development of J-OP Treatment Plant in Tiruppur
RTI International

Assessing the feasibility for a fecal sludge treatment plant in South India

The state of Tamil Nadu has a clear need for enhanced sanitation facilities, especially fecal sludge treatment. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have developed the Janicki Omni Processor (J-OP) in order to solve these issues. J-OP is a revolutionary technology that can convert sewage into potable water, ash and electricity. It combines the industry standards of solid fuel combustion, steam power generation and water treatment. Athena supported RTI International by conducting a feasibility study to facilitate the demonstration of Asia's first J-OP in Tiruppur. The first part quantifies and captures key information about the fecal sludge management reliant population within a 20km radius of the catchment area. The second part involves a FS (fecal sludge) accumulation rate survey to determine the per capita volume of FS. It also determines different generator and onsite sanitation system (OSS) types to enable estimation of the total volume of FS available in the catchment area.