BCM Data Analysis

How can donor data inform fundraising strategy?

Athena is supporting an international firm in its fundraising strategy to acquire new and prospective donors for major gifts. This includes: donor profiling, donor segmentation and assessing campaign performance. Exploring donor data can provide a wealth of information on demographics, geography, affiliation, solicitation and engagement. Donor profiling along these characteristics helps to support its donor base, their giving pattern and temporal variations. Donor segmentation provides crucial information on attributes that differentiate a donor from a non-donor and helps identify segments of high value prospects. Assessing fundraising campaigns leads to identification of effective channels of appeal and types of donors that drive a successful campaign. In addition to this, using predictive modelling methods can help in identifying niche donor segments and engagement pathways. In turn, these provide evidence for activation or deactivation of certain fundraising strategies towards existing or newly identified donor segments.