mSTAR: Accelerating Data-Driven Agriculture Development in Cambodia and Nepal
USAID; Development Gateway

How can we support the Feed the Future program to leverage the full potential of open data for agricultural development?

USAID's Feed the Future (FtF) program is the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative. In this context, USAID envisaged mSTAR (Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research Program) to advance mobile solutions in agricultural development. In addition to leveraging the full potential of open data, it also seeks to close the gaps that limit access and uptake of mobile technology. Athena is supporting Development Gateway, who is a lead partner for this project's implementer, FHI360. This involves carrying out a series of activities in Cambodia and Nepal to enhance electronic data collection by researchers. It also seeks to improve the storage, management and governance of data and data structures. This will therefore facilitate and identify open collaborations for data sharing, analysis, research and learning within and across the two FtF portfolios.