Ghana Sanitation Financing
Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

Sanitation financing: improving household access to financing for toilets

Ghana's low access to adequate and safe compound sanitation signals a need for sanitation financing. It also suffers from an over-reliance on unhygienic public toilets, open defecation and inappropriate disposal of feces. WSUP is therefore implementing a citywide sanitation project using a holistic approach. It aims to improve sanitation outcomes under USAID's Sanitation Service Delivery Program. Our study sought to improve household access to financing products for toilets in low income urban communities (LIUCs). Our focus was to provide micro-finance institutions (MFIs) a clear understanding of the most suitable customer segments for their toilet loan product. It also provided insights on cost incurred by households in accessing toilet loans and capture their perceptions of an ideal toilet loan.