Climate Change
A Technology Platform Providing Smart Farming Solutions to Smallholder Farmers in Northern Nicaragua
Aldea Global

Aldea Global is transitioning into a technology enabled platform, aiming to improve agro-advisory services for its smallholder farm members. To facilitate this, Athena is setting up and implementing an analytics-powered mobile technology platform for agro-consulting. This began with a comprehensive data analytics and roadmap vision for the platform, and identification of interventions in credit applications for small farmers. Additionally, it identified procurement and sourcing of agri-inputs, price forecasting, local marketplace and crop planning. Athena is also developing a mobile sourcing platform that will digitize the agricultural commodity chain and help farmers buy agri-inputs in a convenient manner generating efficiency gains at an integrated community level. Additionally, it will identify potential fundraising opportunities and facilitate partnerships for implementation. This platform aims to create gains for smallholder farmers in northern Nicaragua by improving distribution network-market linkages, access to finance, information and extension services.