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Divining India's True Economic Growth: Part 1

Divining India's True Economic Growth: Part 1

Athena Infonomics advisor, Dr. Anantha Nageswaran is a macroeconomist and financial markets guru. He breaks down the minutiae of the new methods of GDP measurement released by the Indian Government.Ever since India unveiled the revised GDP data series in Feb 2015, an atmosphere of confusion and intellectual protest has prevailed. Recent reports in the Indian media surrounding the Government's admission to erroneous GDP figures goes to prove that the diatribe has not died down.

  • Is the database reliable?
  • What are the oversights?
  • Where is the data incomplete?
  • Which measures are superfluous, and Which of them fall short?

Dr. Anantha demystifies these and other questions using empirical data and economic theory in Part I of this two-part series.

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