Effective Data Sharing

Recent technological advancements have exponentially increased the availability of data and the ability to process and draw analytical insights from such data. Despite this, a lack of quality, timely data has been identified as one of the biggest hurdles to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

A study conducted by Athena Infonomics, commissioned by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, investigates the landscape of data-sharing partnerships and identifies the key drivers of success. The study, entitled Effective Data Sharing: Beyond Platforms, focuses on multi-stakeholder partnerships where three or more organisations collaborate on data collection, sharing, and/or analysis to address a societal challenge. Using primary and secondary research, the study explores the enabling environment and key operational factors that contribute to the establishment, sustainability, and success of data-sharing partnerships.

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Are you interested in creating or being part of an ethical and sustained data sharing initiative for social good?

Here's the Cookbook for Effective and Ethical Data Sharing at Scale that can offer actionable, evidence-based insights, recommendations, and examples to guide you in creating successful data-sharing initiatives.

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