Endline Evaluation of UNICEF India's "Space for Kids to be Kids" Project in Maharashtra and Rajasthan

There is wide consensus that early childhood is a crucial time that impacts the maturation and potential of an individual, but the challenge is in structuring policy that leads to positive outcomes in early childhood development (ECD).With this in mind, Athena Infonomics conducted an endline evaluation of UNICEF India's "Space for Kids to be Kids" project, an initiative aimed at improving ECD, supported by the IKEA Foundation. This project seeks to improve the coverage and quality of counselling and communication support to parents and caregivers in order to provide nurturing care and early learning opportunities for their children.

Working closely with UNICEF India, Athena Infonomics examined the project's implementation in select districts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Findings from this evaluation will be used to inform state- and national-level policymakers and programme planners on ways to improve the quality of ECD services in India.

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