Urban Sanitation Market Overview: Opportunity Mapping for Private-sector Investment in India and Kenya's Urban Sanitation Markets

Athena Infonomics, and our Kenyan partners Open Capital Advisors (OCA), through the support of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Government of United Kingdom, under the aegis of the IMPACT Programme, have successfully presented detailed market research reports highlighting infrastructure gaps within the sanitation value chain and the potential role private enterprises could play in addressing them, for the pilot markets of India and Kenya. The reports also bring forth challenges and perceived risks faced by investors in the sanitation sector of both the pilot markets. The report systematically studies the potential for investments in private enterprises across the sanitation value chain. Increased investments in such high-impact businesses will help them grow in size and scale, create new quality jobs and bring forth more products and services. This endeavor, in line with the goals of the IMPACT Programme, would help strengthen the sanitation ecosystem, benefiting the poor and vulnerable sections.

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