Dr. Rajesh Khanna
Delhi, India

Dr. Rajesh Khanna is an international development consultant with more than 22 years of experience in skills, health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and local governance across the development project life cycle. This experience includes extensive knowledge in: policy inputs; baseline studies; programme design and management; policy advisory; communication strategy; monitoring and evaluation; impact assessments; and end-line assignments. Prior to joining Athena Infonomics, he led the Government, Infrastructure, and Development Consulting Practice (GIDC) at ICRA Analytics Ltd.

Dr. Rajesh has a Masters in Anthropology, followed by a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Anthropology from the University of Delhi. He was awarded the University Post-Graduate Scholarship from the University of Delhi, and authored a book entitled Ethnic Groups and Health Dimensions. In addition to India, Dr. Rajesh has experience working in South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nepal.